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'No fee' Mini Master Classes

A series of totally free 'Mini Master Classes' on a variety of subjects - Check them out now

Advanced Study Courses and CPD

Please Note: Many of our classes are now being taught and fulley certificated under the 'Essex Institute' banner, which we believe conferes greater credibiltiy for your leaniing and study! Advanced study courses comprise 6 x 75 minutes sections and are therefore equivalent to one unit of CPD (Continual Professional Devlopment)

The classes listed here are approved for one unit of CPD (Continual Professional Development) by most organisations, and are accredited by the following:

Certification acceptable to most organisations will be available on successful completion of any of our courses. You can study 'offline' via the video recordings, when you will be required to submit a short (around 200 words) overview of the course before the certification is issued. If you wish to take advantage of this method of study, please Contact us for further details. It is possible that your professional association will accept a review of one or more of our 'MiniMasterClass' videos as valid for CPD though you would need to contact them to ascertain that this is the case.

Professional Development

As from February 2014, our classes will be taught under the banner of the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. This allows us to offer full certification from a recognised professional training institute, as opposed to simple attendance certificates, thus enhancing your credibility with your clients and peers.

We have a full programme of online classes for 2014 and you can find full details here:


A totally unique way of looking at the subconscious, how it functions, and how to provide astonishingly effective change therapy. A 'contentless' therapy, this course will show you how to create spectacularly fast and lasting change where the problem is rooted deep in 'subconscious' processes without using regression to course, without Hypnoanalysis and without your client having to tell you what they are thinking about. PLUS: discover how and why we don't actually have free will about the decisions we make... Even when we change our mind! This course will be startiing on Tuesday October 14 2014 and will run on 10 consecutive Tuesday evenings at 7.30 pm to 8.45 pm UK time. Click Here for more information and enrolment